Message from Bangladesh Anarcho Syndicalist Federation-BASF on International Women’s DaY-2019:


Message from Bangladesh Anarcho Syndicalist Federation-BASF on International Women’s DaY-2019: 

A big part of Anarcho communism is the elimination of gender oppression. Women have been stomped on and trampled on by men for tens of thousands of years. In much of the world, women are treated as property. It is time to turn the tables. It’s time for total revolution. However, we have to understand gender scientifically. Just as Anarchist thinkers  wrote of the “split in the working class,” there is also a split among women and oppressed genders today. Imperialism has changed the game. In general, contrary to Bourgeois World feminist dogma, bourgeois World women are now enemies of Proletarian World women. Let’s explain.

In the bourgeois World, gender is not connected as it once was to biology. Due to the high standard of living made possible through imperialism and advances in technology, Bourgeois   World women are less and less confined to traditional social and reproductive roles. Women are no longer stuck in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, in the Bourgeois   World. Bourgeois World women have access to a high degree of life options that are not strictly limited by reproduction. For this reason, inequalities between Bourgeois   World men and Bourgeois   World women should not be confused with traditional-patriarchal oppression which is centered on biology and reproduction. Rather, these remaining inequalities should be considered a residual effect from traditional-patriarchal oppression. It is likely that over time, these echoes of traditional oppression will become less pronounced in the Bourgeois World.

The status of Bourgeois   World men and Bourgeois   World women is maintained at the expense not only of class and national oppression of Proletarian   World peoples, but also gender oppression of Proletarian   World peoples. In other words, Bourgeois   World women benefit from the gender oppression of Proletarian   World women. How do Bourgeois   World women benefit from the patriarchal oppression of Proletarian   World women? How can one group of women gain by the gender oppression of another?

The end of traditional-patriarchal oppression for most Bourgeois   World women has been made possible by the enormous concentrations of wealth that imperialism has generated for the Bourgeois   World at the expense of the Proletarian   World. Bourgeois   World women have gained the ability to enter the economy and earn super wages. This gives Bourgeois   World women the option of opting out of the traditional role where the woman’s survival depends on her husband as earner.  Bourgeois   World women have the option of living independently, without a male partner. Thus Bourgeois   World women are freed from the traditional oppression connected up with their role in reproduction, i.e. motherhood. Their liberation from traditional male-centered conceptions of sexuality has also been made possible. Bourgeois   World women have access to a greater range of life options open to them. Bourgeois   World women are able to earn exploiter super wages alongside Bourgeois   World men. Bourgeois   World women are able to partake of the spoils of imperialism on a more and more equal basis with Bourgeois   World men.

The increasing equality between the sexes in the Bourgeois   World is a result of the capitalist-imperialist world system. A big part of maintaining the global system of oppression is the fusion of various aspects of feudalism and capitalism in some parts of the Proletarian   World.  Proletarian   World women are some of the biggest victims of the capitalist-imperialist system. They tend to be locked into traditional, feudalistic oppression in agrarian societies. In industrialized areas, they find themselves the most exploited, working for more hours and for lower wages than their male counterparts. They increasingly find themselves enslaved, often by the global sex industry. The situation of Proletarian   World women is a function of, among other things, their gender oppression. And, gender oppression in the Proletarian   World aids the imperial system that channels wealth from the Proletarian   to the Bourgeois   World. Gender oppression in the Proletarian World props up the gender equality in the Bourgeois   World. Bourgeois   World equality is propped up by semi-feudalism and semi-colonialism in the Proletarian   World.

Fake gender “liberation” in the Bourgeois   World has meant that Bourgeois   World women have increased access to the traditional privileges and lifestyles enjoyed by men in the Bourgeois   World. This “liberation” has gone beyond Bourgeois   World women. Bourgeois   World gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, trans-gendered persons have more and more access to the traditional power and privileges of Bourgeois   World heterosexual males. However, this social democratic opening up of Bourgeois   World society is based on continued gender oppression of the Proletarian   World. For this reason, there is less and less reason to consider Bourgeois   World women as separate from Bourgeois   World males from the standpoint of global power analysis. This also explains why traditional conceptions of “manhood” and “womanhood” are breaking down in the Bourgeois   World. And, there is more and more reason to consider Bourgeois   World women as separate and distinct from Proletarian   World women. It is correct to see Bourgeois   World men and Bourgeois   World women as having more in common. This state of affairs is borne out by material analysis and the historical record. Almost all Bourgeois   World people are enemies.

Revolutionary, proletarian feminism rejects the lie of the universal sisterhood. Such lies only serve imperialism at this point. This lie tells Proletarian   World women that their true allies are Bourgeois   World women, not the Proletarian   World men fighting alongside them against imperialism or fighting alongside them for Anarcho Communism. This lie tells Proletarian   World women to put their futures in the hands of benevolent pink imperialism. We need to recognize the great division between the Proletarian   World and Bourgeois   World affects gender too.

This doesn’t mean that sad inequalities do not remain between Bourgeois   World men and Bourgeois   World women. Nobody likes to see domestic violence, rape, and other cruelty that affects women disproportionately. However, on the whole, we have to use our brains here. It is obvious that Bourgeois   World women as a whole are not going to support communist and anti-imperialist struggles. We need to understand this fact and deal with it. We should all seek to be egalitarian and just in our personal interactions. We should live the revolution. We should stand for right and wrong. We should be good people. However, the only real feminism is proletarian feminism, Proletarian   Worldist feminism, Anarcho Communism. Real, proletarian feminism is feminism that supports the destruction of the Bourgeois   World. It does not seek alliances with the Bourgeois   World so-called “working class” or Bourgeois   World women. Revolutionary, proletarian feminism recognizes that the contradiction between Bourgeois   World women and Proletarian   World women is antagonistic. Revolutionary feminism identifies Bourgeois   World men and Bourgeois   World women as the enemy. Revolutionary feminism is the feminism of the Global People’s War waged by the global countryside against the global city, waged by the Proletarian   World against the Bourgeois   World, the Global Proletariat against the Global Bourgeoisie.

Our revolution will come from the darkest, most oppressed places. Proletarian   World women and children will lead the way to a better world. Mothers. Daughters. Sons. They will play a key role. Real revolutionaries, Anarcho communist, unite with Proletarian   World women. We unite with Proletarian   World men and women against Bourgeois   World men and women. We support the New Democratic revolution to create basic rights for women and men in the Proletarian   World. We support the Global People’s War waged by women and men in the Proletarian   World against the Bourgeois   World. We support socialist revolution. We support true, Anarcho Communism, total liberation. Anarcho Communism is a revolutionary strategy that accounts for the real world, not the world as we imagine it. All real feminists stand with the vast majority of women in the Proletarian   World. All real feminists are Anarcho Communists!

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